You hear it all the time: data is king. Winging it is not a strategy.

I’ve heard it said another way: indecision is a decision.

It’s important that as you as a personal brand and/or you as a business get comfortable digging into the metrics of your website, social media, email, and so much more.

An incredibly simple point here to keep this article very brief: sometimes your most impactful content is not what you expect.

An executive we consult with was all-in on the content production machine. He was creating long-form content via video and we were helping him post-produce the content and distributing it across social media channels in smaller, bite-sized pieces. Part of this also involved recording some personal hobby-type content.

One location all the long-form videos ended up was on YouTube. His focus was on a very specific business topic that he was certain was going to resonate and gain him notoriety; what he didn’t realize was that it was actually one of his hobby videos that we helped him organize that got him, BY FAR, the most amount of attention via views, likes, comments, and shares (engagement).

Another example, this time more personal. I created a bunch of different types of content on LinkedIn and was convinced that graphics or video or certain topics would resonate and mean the most to the audience and boy was I wrong. For a season, the most successful and widely distributed content I produced had nothing to do with business at all.

But how would I, personally, or we, corporately, would have known any of this had it not been for metrics, for data?

You see, that’s part of the listening exercise. Sure, listening is absolutely reading email responses to your email campaign, or comments on social media, or emails in response to a talk you did, that’s all good and very valuable, but the data itself speaks too. Pay attention to what people say and what gets them excited, but also, don’t neglect, especially in the absence of engagement, the review of metrics.

Those metrics could help you better focus your efforts on other pertinent topics that your audience is dying to hear from YOU about. Consider that!