#43 – Vincent Joseph: Faith, Jay Leno’s Garage, and entrepreneurship. Had the pleasure to speak with USMC veteran Vincent Joseph. Vince shares his incredible story of breaking into the entertainment industry, our common belief in Christ, and insightful advice to entrepreneurs.

#42 – Don Brown: Navy JAG to private practice and author. Had an awesome conversation with former Navy JAG and now private practice attorney and author, Don Brown. Don shares his incredible experiences both in the military and as an attorney, joining part of the legal team of Clint Lorance, a case that has gotten national attention. Don is also the author of many books, both non-fiction and fiction, including titles like Call Sign Extortion 17 – The Shoot-Down of SEAL Team Six.

#41 – Ian Sephton: Patience and humility. Had a tremendous time talking with Ian Sephton! We covered his background and the story and journey of Hangar202 and Funnel9.

#40 – Christopher Strom: From NYPD to Iraq. Christopher Strom shares with us his story of fighting terrorism, both as a NYPD intelligence cop to a contractor in Iraq. You will enjoy and appreciate the perspective he shares! His book, Brooklyn to Baghdad, is available everywhere.

#39 – Jake Wood: Thrive in chaos. Team Rubicon CEO Jake Wood joins the show to discuss the story of Team Rubicon, his personal and professional development, and the release of his new book, Once A Warrior. 

#38 – Bob Burg: How to give and win endless referrals. Best-selling author and renowned speaker Bob Burg joins the podcast this week. We go into detail about topics like sales quotas, value proposition, and how to propel your business forward. This was such a treat you’re sure to enjoy!

S2E20 – Season 2 Finale: Five tremendous high-impact takeaways. The season finale of season 2! I pulled five high-impact segments across the episodes to bring you some very impactful, thought-provoking, and challenging content. This episode featured Bill Militello of Militello Capital, Localvest, 10x Vets, Ty Smith of CommSafe[ai], Jay Rogers of Local Motors, Jeremy Stalnecker with the Mighty Oaks Foundation, and Alexander Kunz with OP2 Labs.

S2E19 – Alexander Kunz: From the SEALs to addressing pride and ego. This episode will make an impact on you! Alex discusses his past, his time as a SEAL, and the corporate and entrepreneurial journey and CHALLENGES that not many other people are willing to discuss. A LOT here, you’ll love it.

S2E18 – Amy Palmer: How to start and run a non-profit. A fascinating discussion about the non-profit world! We also get into some specifics regarding attaining non-profit status and partnering with other organizations for that same purpose. You will thoroughly enjoy getting an inside look at how non-profits are formed, funded, and managed!

S2E17 – Claude Shires: How to laugh in the face of challenge. In this incredibly HILARIOUS and very insightful interview, Claude shares with us the struggles he’s endured to get where he is today. Comedy is part of who he is, and the struggle has been real also. You’ll leave this interview feeling inspired while also laughing at his antics and humor. So grateful for him sharing this amazing journey.

S2E16 – Jaime Chapman: Adapting business to change. Had a blast speaking with Jaime! I really appreciated her sharing some of the difficulties and hardships she’s had to overcome, and really appreciated her insight on adapting and changing business model with new information.

That’s one big takeaway: don’t fall in love with your idea and be unwilling to change or modify based on new information.

Absolutely terrific interview and was a lot of fun!

S2E15 – Brandon Shelton: Grit, persistence, and perseverance. In this incredibly powerful, raw, and motivating interview, we hear Brandon’s story of persistence, belief, and perseverance. He is the product of hard work and determination, and I was incredibly grateful for the insights and wisdom he shared! Follow him and check out his firm, Task Force X Capital.

S2E14 – Jeremy Stalnecker: A non-profit solving a massive problem. Had an absolute joy recording this edition of The Veterans Business Podcast LIVE. Jeremy shared his story of entering the military, his experience in Iraq, and the issues he himself dealt with when home, which eventually turned into him helping lead The Mighty Oaks Foundation. The Mighty Oaks Foundation is an absolutely amazing organization that changes lives, particularly those dealing with trauma and PTSD. Enjoy this episode!

S2E13 – Dave Sisk: What a venture-backed startup looks like. Had an incredibly insightful conversation with Dave Sisk. Dave shares a lot of inside knowledge on what being a part of a venture-backed startup looks like, answering a lot of questions and sharing unique perspective. I appreciated his sharing of this wisdom and encourage you check out what he’s doing with Streamline Innovations.

S2E12 – Jesse Iwuji: Prepare for the fight you don’t even know is coming. We are joined by NASCAR driver Jesse Iwuji on this week’s episode. Jesse shares some incredible insight into risk-taking, how to learn, how to persist, and how to pursue your goals and dreams.

S2E11 – A recap of the first five episodes of Season 2. We take a quick tour through a few select highlights from the first five episodes of Season 2! Be sure to go back and watch/listen to these episodes if you haven’t already!

E1 – Joe Scanlin; E2 – Ted Terrazas; E3 – JB Soles; E4 – Shane Foss; E5 – Elana Duffy

S2E10 – Ted Gutierrez: Discussing the difference between entrepreneur and business ownerWe welcomed Marine founder and CEO of Contra Group, Jeremy “JB” Soles to the show. JB shared a ton of perspective related to special warfare-related training and the application to law enforcement. I would highly encourage you to follow him and the work he and his company do.

S2E9 – Jay Rogers: The journey of a 20-year overnight success. In this fascinating and captivating interview, I sit down with veteran Marine officer and Local Motors CEO Jay Rogers, and gain tremendous insight into the entrepreneurial mind. We discuss vision, perseverance, and numerous topics on the road to overnight success. You’re sure to enjoy this insight and perspective.

S2E8 – Ty Smith: Applying leadership lessons from the SEAL teams into your personal life. This interview is an absolute treasure. Ty shares leadership lessons learned from his 20-year Navy career that apply to any area of your life. We dive into his upbringing, time with the teams, and his post-military career. There’s also a part in the interview where patriotism, division, and unity are discussed; a truly impactful segment. An incredibly impactful interview. I challenge you to take some of these lessons learned and apply to your own life, particularly in the area of leadership.

S2E7 – Bill Militello: From Wall Street financial advising to capital infusion. Bill Militello is a USMC veteran and entrepreneur. We had a fascinating discussion about his days as an equity trader on Wall Street, to growing his financial advising business that he sold, to now running other ventures that include capital for startups and other businesses. You will learn a lot from this episode!

S2E6 – Gene Blanton: How to grow and scale a business. Gene Blanton, USMC veteran and entrepreneur, shares with us how he has led, sold, and invested in many companies and the hints of success they all have in common.

S2E5 – Elana Duffy: From IEDs to non-profit and data startup. Had a lot of fun speaking with Elana Duffy. She’s an Army veteran and shares her story of getting college degrees, enlisting, working in the intel field, getting blown up in Iraq, and her eventual medical retirement from the Army, leading her to where she is today in the process of getting her startup moving. It was a true delight to have her on the show!

S2E4 – Shane Foss: Starting, buying, and selling companies – bankruptcy, turnarounds, and more.

We welcomed Shane Foss to the show. Shane shared some incredible insight on business transactions and solving business problems. You will absolutely love this episode. And as a reminder, you can now WATCH the podcast on my YouTube channel so be sure to check it out!

S2E3 – Jeremy “JB” Soles: From kinetic operations to a life-saving, essential business. We welcomed Marine founder and CEO of Contra Group, Jeremy “JB” Soles to the show. JB shared a ton of perspective related to special warfare-related training and the application to law enforcement. I would highly encourage you to follow him and the work he and his company do.

JB’s profile

Contra Group


The Veterans Business Podcast YouTube Channel

S2E2 – Ted Terrazas: Starting and selling a successful government medical firm. I sat down with USAF veteran and entrepreneur Ted Terrazas. Ted shared with us some amazing insights related to business and the entrepreneurial journey. We had a great time going deep on some topics for startups and how companies get off the ground.

Ted’s profile

TerraBusiness Enterprises

The Veterans Business Podcast YouTube Channel

S2E1 – Joe Scanlin: Launching a tech startup and solving business problems. The premiere episode of Season 2! We welcomed Marine veteran, entrepreneur, and founder/CEO Joe Scanlin to the show to discuss the entrepreneurial journey.

Joe Scanlin profile

Scanalytics company page

YouTube Channel

Episode 17. The FINAL episode of Season ! We take a look at the remaining episodes from this season and examine some the biggest highlights and best moments. Season 2 airs NEXT week and will be in both audio AND video, housed primarily on YouTube for the video format. Go to the channel and SUBSCRIBE so you can get both the audio AND video! And a BIG thank you to listening!

YouTube Channel

Episode 16. As we close out Season 1 we take a look at the first half of the season’s episodes and pull pearls of wisdom and insights from our amazing guests.

Episode 15. This week I sat down with entrepreneur and business leader, Christopher Hummel, the founder and CEO of Fitteam Global. Chris is an Air Force veteran and we had a very fruitful discussion about entrepreneurship, business, and overcoming challenges.

Chris’ LinkedIn profile.

Chris’ company, FITTEAM Global.

Episode 14. This week I had the pleasure to sit down with AF veteran and businesswoman, April Shprintz. April shares with us her journey into the broadcasting world in the Air Force and the subsequent path she has successfully navigated in business. She’s Founder of Driven Outcomes, a firm dedicated to cultivating the Generosity Culture and helping businesses achieve their goals. 

April’s LinkedIn profile.

April’s company, Driven Outcomes.

Episode 13. I had the pleasure this week to speak with Chaunte Hall, an Air Force veteran and accomplished businesswoman making a tremendous impact in the military community. Chaunte opens up about her personal life while also sharing some key insights regarding having foresight for your career, and how volunteering is the superpower to giving back. Chaunte is the CEO of Centurion Military Alliance.

Chaunte’s LinkedIn profile.

Chaunte’s company, Centurion Military Alliance.

Episode 12. This week we speak with Marine veteran and keynote speaker Shawn Rhodes. Shawn spent a few years in the Marine Corps as a combat correspondent before jumping out and ultimately making his way into the business of public speaking. Shawn shares with us some incredible perspective, we talk about mental health, the mind of a veteran, being the solution to a problem, and so much more. I also share with you some EXCITING news about the podcast at the very end.

Shawn’s LinkedIn profile.

Shawn’s company, Shoshin Consulting.

Link to Shawn’s book, Pivot Point, on Amazon.

Episode 11. Today we’re excited to welcome Marine veteran and award-winning Hollywood writer, director, and producer Kimberly Seilhamer. Kimberly has made a career in the entertainment industry. Her work has won numerous awards with her most recent Best Short Script award going to her project, The Lighthouse. There are so many stories in this episode. I was even fortunate to catch a few bonus segments as we were wrapping up that I had to share.  We hear stories of what’s involved in the creative process in Hollywood….. And the talent required to make it. ..

There’s so much substance here I just want you to listen – enjoy!

More information about Kimberly Seilhamer.

Her IMDB profile.

One article, of many, that you can research, regarding stress taking a toll on your body and health.


Episode 10. I had the distinct honor to welcome Marine veteran and best-selling author, Scott Huesing, to The Veterans Business Podcast. Scott is well-known in the Marine and veterans communities for his tenacity and leadership, as well for authoring the book, Echo in Ramadi, which details Echo 2/4’s experience in Iraq. He served 24 years in the Marine Corps before retiring and transitioning into a career of writing and public speaking. We talked about knowing your value and seeing the value in every transition, in addition to host of other items!

More information about Scott Huesing.

Scott’s book, Echo in Ramadi.

Episode 9. Today we speak with James Mable, a Marine veteran, and passionate advocate of career guidance for college students. We hear his story of the value of education in the recession, his perspective on fulfillment and ways to help find that fulfillment. 

More information about James Mable.

Episode 8. Our guest this week is Max Garcia, a retired Marine Sergeant Major who is now a motivational speaker and life coach. His advice and words of wisdom were absolute gold, we cover a variety of topics. He shares with us about a veterans mindset after leaving the service and his passion and how to deal with problems. Max is a featured author in the Amazon best-selling book, The Abundance Factor, which you can get on his website, lifecoach8.net, or Amazon. 

More information about Max Garcia.

Max’s book (from his website w/ photo), The Abundance Factor.

Max’s book (Amazon), The Abundance Factor.

Episode 7. This week we speak with Army Special Forces veteran Herb Thompson. Herb retired from the Army and has wasted no time getting active in helping others through their transition process. He shares with us his journey on how he was able to get selected into Special Forces and articulates so clearly the internal fight so many of us veterans may have waged following the transition out. Herb is the author of the book, The Transition Mission.

More information about Herb Thompson.

Herb’s book, The Transition Mission.

Episode 6. We welcome two-time Grammy Award-winning reggae, artist, Shaggy. Shaggy is a veteran U.S. Marine and has sold over 30 million albums worldwide in a career that has spanned decades.

More information about Shaggy.

Episode 5. In this episode we spend time with Maurice “Chipp” Naylon as he shares with us his story of his time overseas as a combat advisor, and the frustrations that led to his writing the book, The New Ministry of Truth. He shares openly and candidly about the effects this experience had on him as well as words of wisdom for veterans that may be grappling with similar ideas. 

More information about Chipp Naylon.

Chipp’s book on Amazon, The New Ministry of Truth

Episode 4. We speak with Marine veteran and financial advisor, Bezan Morris, as he shares his story of financial hardship during the housing crisis and how he navigated some very difficult situations. 

More information about Bezan Morris.

Episode 3. We speak with Karl Monger, a veteran Army officer and Ranger, as he shares with us about finding your purpose and staying functionally fit in all areas of your life.

Karl’s book, Common Sense Transition: A Call to Action and a Blueprint for Change.

The Simon Sinek video he referred to, VetXpo 2019 – Simon Sinek. 

More information about Karl Monger.

Episode 2. In this episode, Marine veteran and non-profit leader, Tabitha Bartley shares with us the story many women face within the military, but more so, the challenges they face once leaving the service.

More information about Tabitha Bartley.

Episode 1. We speak with Rico Miller, an entrepreneur, business leader, and pastor as he shares about pivotal moments in his life that has led him to where he is today.

Rico’s book, Undo Ordinary: Keys to Unlocking Your Purpose.

More information about Rico Miller.


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