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Whether from prospective clients, curious friends, or even our own clients, the whole reason and motivator behind this page was to cut down on the novel-length email exchanges on certain topics and ideas. So the hope is, rather than re-create those emails every single time, we point you to these articles as a helpful resource.

Data analytics for your business aka “feedback”!

You hear it all the time: data is king. Winging it is not a strategy. I've heard it said another way: indecision is a decision. It's important that as you as a personal brand and/or you as a business get comfortable digging into the metrics of your website, social...

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Developing a partner program

Partner programs. Marketing co-branded content. They are named and titled any number of things and the direction for these can be very confusing. Let's first break down what a partner program is. A partner program is a program where you (e.g., manufacturer) produce...

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